2012 and the Apocalypse!

Here we are, in 2012.  The year that for over two decades, has been in the spotlight, as the year it shall all come to an end.  The world will darken, societies will crumble, chaos will ensue, and all life on earth, may end....  but probably not...

I'm a pretty big fan of shows and movies that involve an element of "post-apocalyptic" life.  A sort of survival of the fittest, using your wits and strengths to your advantage.  Being wary and smart about what you do and where you go.  Shows like "The Walking Dead" and "Resident Evil" where society is no more, the world they knew has completely changed, and now they must traverse the ruins of the past to survive for a desolate future....

So... who are you going to vote for?!  (No pressure!)

Nah I'm just kidding.

I like these shows and movies, but I also think I want them to stay as shows and movies.  There is however a lot of hype around December 21st of this year, and whether or not it will bring the disasters foretold about.  Throwing our world back hundreds of years, and if we survive, pitting neighbor against neighbor, and friend against friend.  Doesn't sound like fun to me, not when it's real.  Unless it's a zombie apocalypse, then just grab a melee weapon and a pray they are the slow-walking dumb zombies.  I would prefer that apocalypse over most others, simply because it will give most people a common enemy.

It would make it a little less likely that random people you run into will kill you for selfish reasons, considering strength in numbers against zombies may be pretty valuable.

Anyways, what are some of the theories that has been said around 2012.

Pole Reversal - Where the poles reverse and we are hurled into space.
Global Warming - In short, the sun hates us and we will bake like grandma's cookies in the oven.
Alien Invasion - It's Probing Time!
Natural Disaster - Mother Nature decides to throw us a series of disasters because it's her time of the... millennia.
Depopulation - Because apparently the 'New World Order' wants us all dead, for no good reason.
Zombies - Why?  Because I watch too much T.V.

There are a few others, but most are either outrageous, or I simply forgot them (its the latter).  Now, is the world going to end in some grand apocalypse?  Probably not.  Will society crack and crumble?  Maybe.  As I said, there is a lot of hype, and if panic gets to high around that time, it could.  Still unlikely, but it could.  I would buy some sort of natural disaster being the cause if something were to happen, if anything.  It would have to be pretty big though.

However, if by some chance, the world does come to an end, you should feel proud.  Because we were here for it.  When it all came crashing down in the grand finale of all finales, we got the front row seats for it.  If there is an afterlife, and I do believe there is, I think that entails some serious bragging rights there.  Because after all, who can top that?  What story beats having front row seats for the apocalypse?

I don't know, it sounds kind of like a win-win to me.  Either we live and the world keeps spinning, or we don't, and we get to be apart of the final chapter of this epic story.

Awh, thank you silver lining...

I don't think the world will end, but if it does, then this is how I will look at it.