Spirit Science!

Since I touched on my belief that science and spirituality are actually one, I wanted to show everyone a little web series I ran into not so long ago, that has peaked my interest and managed to keep my attention for a while now.  It is called Spirit Science, and it goes into a lot of different angles about human potential and the nature of the universe.  It also blends spirit into science to show a little on how the two are in fact connected.  That and it's animated, which makes it more fun and easy to watch.  Always a plus in my book.  You should give it a look.

Some of the topics that are covered are, the nature of thoughts, chakras, energy, Atlantis, dimensions, evolution, DNA, biology, chemistry, geometry, and a lot more.  He does a pretty good job of explaining even how all of the above are connected.  Thankfully it is not done in a manner that feels like a lecture, but instead feels more upbeat and inviting.  But for now, I think I will let the videos do the talking for me.

This is video 1 of the series.  It deals with the nature of our thoughts.  Below is a link to the playlist with many more videos in the series, if your interested in taking a look.

Spirit Science 1 - Thoughts

If you liked this video, you will probably like the rest of them as they all share the same quality and tone.  Anyways, here is the playlist if you are interested in watching some more Spirit Science!