How was your Thanksgiving?

So how was your Thanksgiving?  Mine was... so so.  Same as any other day I  guess.  Only difference was we had some friends and family over, and instead of turkey and stuffing and all that, we had homemade hamburgers, with egg and bacon on top, and some fries of course.  Yes I said egg.  It's actually quite good.  Anyways, other then that, can't say there was anything special about it.

As you know, it's not my favorite holiday, so I don't go all out on it or make a big deal over it.  Christmas is coming as well, and although it's bigger than thanksgiving, it's still mostly another day to me.  The presents get crappier every year.  It goes from awesome toys as a kid, to clothes?  Bah!  I'll take the toys!

There was also Black Friday that happened.  Lots of people bum rushed the stores for the sales, and a lot of people got hurt.  Made me thankful that I just don't care that much about a sale.  I like my life and good health a bit more.

Anyways, so how was your Thanksgiving?  Did you have some turkey, or something else?  And most of all, was it fun?!