Hearing the Other side of the Debate!

Recently I have been discussing Atheism, and a little bit on Richard Dawkins.  A lot of people know him for being a proponent of atheism, and is regarded as a phenomenal debater.  But I wonder how many have heard of John Lennox?  He is not as famous, in fact I hadn't even heard of him until I went to look up Richard Dawkins to listen to what he had to say because everyone kept referencing him.  Based on the impressions I got about Dawkins from other people's of him, I figured he must be stomping all his competition in his debates.  I was pleased to be wrong.

At least that is MY opinion.  I literally went to youtube, typed in Richard Dawkins debate and found a 1 and a half hour debate between him, and some guy named John Lennox.  I was a little hesitant to click and watch it because I had the feeling that this was going to be a merciless beat down on Lennox.  As I said, I was wrong, and happily so.  I still sat through it and gave Richard his fair chance.  If he had some good points I would have credited to him.  And he did, and still does.  However, in the end I had to side with Lennox.

So, I decided with this post to post the debate.  Actually there are two I will feature here.  The first is a full debate between the two, where you can hear both sides, some counter arguing and each making their point.  The second is in 3 parts, and only features Lennox's portion of the debate.  This is just in case you don't feel up to watching an hour and some odd minute debate, but want to see what the other side brings to the table, then its a bit shorter and sweeter.  I do encourage you to watch both if you can though.  I feel it is always important to give the opposite side, in this case John Lennox, their chance to present their case.  You might be surprised.

Do you think these two respect one another?  I can't tell... I hope they do though.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

So there you have it.

I wanted to add these in my previous posts, but they ended up being to long for me to put an hour long debate and a few other videos on them, so I held off.

Also, I'm not actually a Christian.  More agnostic then Christian.  So I don't necessarily agree complete with Lennox, but I found his side of the argument more convincing.  What really hurt Richard's side of things for me was him repeatedly calling things petty.  This is a debate, calling things petty is petty and it is not a valid argument.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed.  I mean no offence to any who watch this, including atheists.
This rant of mine sort of spawned from a bunch of atheists running around calling everyone stupid for believing in something, like it was a cool new fad to do so.  Most of them were clearly ignorant in the area of both science and spirituality to begin with.  So I kind of created this as a means to vent and show the opposite side of the argument.  That, and I don't like people running around attacking innocent people over their beliefs...

Just my thoughts...