More Demonstrations of Chi!

I have posted many videos so far on Chi, and demonstrations for it's uses.  So why should I stop now?  In effect I am simply trying to spread awareness for these amazing abilities, and show how everyone can do them.  These skills aren't just for the blessed, or special, but for everyone, if they so choose to pursue them.  And to show that you do have the option to pursue them, and the ability to acquire them!

Here are two more videos involving John Chang and Chi.  The first is of him pushing a chopstick through a bench.  It's not a segment from the video listed in The Power of Chi!, but instead a different clip shot independent of the documentary.

One of the reasons for why this demonstration is important, is to show how everything is energy, and through harnessing it, you can manipulate how things interact with one another.  The video quality isn't very high, but at the end when he pulls the chopstick out, it looks like the hole that was formed from pushing the chopstick through the bench, was burnt.  Chi demonstration often seem to involve electrical properties, or heat.  Perhaps a clue to how it is done, and what is involved?  Then again, it may just be poor video quality and shadows...

The second video here is of one of John Chang's western students.  He is being put through a test to pass on to the next level of training.  If I remember correctly, he is being tested for his progress in level 3.  There are 72 levels of his system, and this is what you can do within the first few levels.

This video demonstrates that it isn't only John Chang that is able to do some of these amazing things.  Anyone can learn them, even westerners.  Although I'm sure anyone who is interested in learning how to harness Chi would love to have John Chang as a teacher, it should be understood that it is possible to learn how to cultivate Chi without the instruction of a teacher.  It's just a matter of finding the right resources, keeping things simple, meditating, being diligent and having some patience.  These things don't happen overnight, nor even in the first week.  But they do come, like everything else, if you practice.

Hope you enjoyed.